Saturday, June 08, 2013

World's Worst Tan

Last week I worked a golf tournament for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California (they're a client). It felt like old times. Running around in golf carts. Odd groups of guys (and a smattering of women) playing weird golfing games (scramble, closest to the pin, double your money) in even weirder clothing--I've never been one for polo shirts myself.  All in the name of raising money for a great organization. 

My favorite celebrity sighting was Ronald McDonald and his awesomely appropriate hat. It was made of a golfing green with a pin and a golf ball on fishing line that swung around it. Pure genius.

The difference in this tournament and the ones that I've worked in Tennessee is that it wasn't balls hot. Meaning the day was lovely and sunny and pretty much perfect like most days in Southern California. Despite this, I took precaution and sprayed myself liberally with SPF 30 while staying under an umbrella.

Apparently the sun shifted my coverage because about an hour before the tournament was over my necklace was causing pain in my neck--which had burned on one side. Then my calf felt hot. So I limped around with a beet red neck and one circle of redness on my left calf. It was fine, but now I'm left with the aftermath: The world's worst tan. I have one spot of tanned leg and a stunningly beautiful neck. And everything else is as pale as can be.

This wouldn't normally be a problem but today is my cousin's outdoor wedding aside from the peplum tank and long shorts pictured, I have nothing that's going to help even out this tan. I guess I'll just have to go home looking like the camouflage the military uses in Afghanistan.

Best Wishes, Lauren!

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