Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vacation is Over

I'm so fast...I'm a blur!
Well, duh. My vacation has been over for literally weeks. But between it and work travel, it felt like I was on a vacation. . .but only from eating well and working out. I hadn't stepped on a treadmill for almost three weeks until this Monday. I haven't gone that long without regular exercise of some sort in years. Which also explains the weight gain. Well, not completely. But stuffing my face with anything that sounded good at any time of day even if I was full probably does. Oh and sweet potato pancakes. I only had them for one meal, but I believe they added at least 3 pounds on me.

Anyway, I went back to work in many ways this week. My first full week in the office in almost a month. Yes, really. Not to say I haven't worked a full week, because I have, but been travelling, had holidays and the aforementioned and blogged

Waiting for me
about vacation. So BAM! The perfect storm for pudginess.
On another related note, I've been receiving more mail this week than in my entire life. Why am I so popular? I'm administering a grant program for a client  and we've had more than 80 come in--two-thirds in the last three days. The thrill of receiving a package with your name on it is completely lost on me right now. Although I still love the program because I'm a non-profit nerd and love checking out what everyone is doing. It's in my blood.

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