Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Never Quite Perfect

This pre-made Gingerbread house may
look normal, but the fail sauce is in
the massive amounts of icing that
is pooled in the inside because of my
I knew when I was about 12 years old that I would not be the type that could craft beautiful things and make it look effortless or make beautiful food that tasted delicious. I've never been the type of girl or woman that could just conjure up special. It's just not in me.

At least when it comes to those areas. I knew it at 13 when I was determined to make some chocolate cookies that I found the recipe to. We had nearly all the items and it seemed easy enough to just cover for the items I was missing. I was missing baking powder but decided to use baking soda instead and ended up with a puffy, sour tasting chocolate thing that my brother and mother both laughed at me for. And rightly so.

That one event has seems to have set the tone for the majority of my crafting/cooking life. I always end up missing something that is small, but has a certain role to play. I try to adjust or make do and it just ends up a disappointment. Mostly to me.

Could I possibly be the worst crafter in the world? Can I live my life in satisfaction if I cannot make one damn thing out of a Mason jar except a jar to hold things? Is my life empty if I do not own a set of rainbow-colored Sharpies, stencils or sponges used specifically for paint? I don't even own anything that has chalkboard paint on it.

I think I'll be able to live with it, but if you ever receive a handmade gift from me that isn't the written word, you just received a piece of my failure. Enjoy!

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