Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Not As Young as I Used to Be . . .Duh

I have another version of this
where Chef is flipping me off.
I clearly don't need any more evidence that I'm getting older. I figured that out loud and clear with my arthritis. Oh and the fact that I wake up from sleep sore. I'm so decrepit now that I get sore from resting. My real threshold would be pulling a muscle on the toilet. If that ever happens, I'm gonna shake my head and wonder if my exercising is worth it.

My latest case in point is my trip down memory lane. Chef and I (at my urging) went and played miniature golf in the Valley in sweltering heat. We were sandwiched between two very large, very slow groups of kids with one adult accompanying them. Which meant a lot of waiting with the kids behind us on our heels. I particularly loved that the parents of the kids behind us decided to skip over us while we were waiting on the hole in front of us. The DAD actually did that because they had to go. I know Chef and I would've
Torn blister on the first night
gladly let them do it without complaint HAD THEY ASKED, but I'm not sure teaching your children to be rude is the best lesson. 

After we finished sucking at golf (which we both did--but I sucked worse), I decided that I wanted to utilize the batting cages on site.I hadn't played softball in YEARS, but I used to do it for hours on end each day for a decade or more, so I figured I'd still remember some of it. 

So it was me in jeans and some flats with no traction and a batting helmet swinging away at baseballs with a softball bat. I'm happy to say that whatever I once had, I still have some of. I only missed two completely out of 75 swings and hit a lot of them solid. At one point the kids outside the cage next to mine were making fun of their friend because he was missing while I was connecting. I have to say that I was proud.

Torn blister five days later- still hurts.
But my nail polish has held up.
However, I felt it the next morning. I realized leaving that I had busted a blister on my thumb that had busted and two new blisters on my palm. I also realized that my shoulder was barely able to move. 

I guess I either need to go to the batting cages more or quit aging. 

What was the first thing you did that made your realize your age?

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