Monday, July 01, 2013 Ads Piss Me Off

I'm all for dating websites. In fact, I'm a big fan considering I met Chef using one (almost NINE years ago). But lately I've come to really despise those Christian Mingle ads. It's not the ads so much as the tagline: "Find God's Match for You."

The implication is that God is working to find your match. . . on their website. Now I have absolutely nothing wrong with websites that match people by common interest or beliefs. I can absolutely understand how religious beliefs are very important for some people to make sure they have in common before even dating someone. What I don't like is the insinuation that their website is where people go to get hooked up with God playing matchmaker.

Because God is not matchmaking more at ChristianMingle than Match or eHarmony. He does not endorse the website or work for Christian Mingle. His name is being used as a marketing scheme and people are buying it.

And apparently "God" isn't in favor of mixed religion marriages or even mixed race marriages. A quick scan of the "success stories" finds lots of white couples with a smattering of African-American couples, all matched together.

Bottom line: find love whatever way you want. Find it, hold on to it, treasure it.

But just don't think that one site gives you a divine advantage over another.

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