Thursday, July 11, 2013

Public Relations isn't . . .

Since I did a post on what Public Relations IS, I thought I'd also clarify what it ISN'T for the record too. Public Relations ISN'T:

  • like it is on TV. Samantha Jones would not be just calling people up and yelling at them to correct things or sweet talking them into writing things. That's not how it works. 
  • like it is in books. I've read several books where the character doing PR will demand the media cover something and BAM! There just there for a completely non-newsworthy event (like a conference where nothing exciting is announced). 
  • putting the media on beckon call. The only time in my career when ALL the great media outlets have voluntary shown up somewhere to cover something is when something crappy is happening. Every other time takes work, begging and relationship building. 
  • about attending all these great and fun events. I have NEVER worked an event and had time to enjoy it. Usually I'm running around in heels and wishing that I were repping a sneaker company because then doing an ode to Melanie Griffith a la Working Girl wouldn't look inappropriate.
  • Party planning.
  • without strategy.
  • spending all day on Facebook, twitter and instagram for funsies.
  • without a budget. You have to be part time accountants to keep track of hours, dollars and everything in between. 
  • about letter writing. Last time I checked, most people around me also had college degrees and can string together a form letter. Editing or pumping up said letter can be on the agenda. 
  • stagnant. We tend to know about social media and "the next big thing" because we have to be able to explain to a company/brand/management why they should or shouldn't be on it.
  • about perky sorority girls going to parties and events. 
  • being a lawyer, but having to know a lot of law nonetheless. 
I'm sure there are other misconceptions out there, but just wanted to clear a few things up. Anything here surprise you?

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