Monday, July 08, 2013

Two Years In and Still Loving It

Our nontraditional wedding
Yesterday was the second wedding anniversary for Chef and I. Of course, we've been together almost nine years in total, but two years ago today was the first time I officially woke up with his last name. (although that too took a ton of paperwork and time--and I might still have my old name on a few items so sue me).

The awesome thing about getting married so close to a federal holiday is that we get a few extra days to celebrate, which we did. We hung out together the whole long four-day weekend, went to the zoo, went shopping, stayed in, and FINALLY got him a wedding band. It's bad that we hadn't made that happen earlier, but the timing worked out well with a sale and an order and BAM! They didn't have his size on hand--so to speak--but he'll soon have a wedding band. It actually made him even cuter to me when he was trying it on, which is kind of a double edged sword, as I bet it will also make him more attractive to all females. Damn our warped laws of attraction.

Nonetheless after nine years together I am happy to say that I love Chef more today than when we were first together. I never thought that I'd marry my best friend, because frankly I have the BEST friends a girl could have when I met him. And not that I don't anymore, but it's amazing how he's become my best friend. So proud of him and to call him my husband.

Happy anniversary, Chef! Thanks for all you do for me, including scooping litter boxes. :)

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