Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something I refuse to watch

Let's face it. My taste in TV and music (and even movies) has always been questionable at best. I know and can recognize things that are well done and good, but that doesn't mean that I won't take my time to watch something that's pure crap. It's happened many time before and will happen many times again.

But even with all that, I have to draw the line somewhere and that's with "Mobwives." Really, VH1? Aren't you supposed to be a video station? But apparently that got thrown out the window as soon as Flava Flav spread his STDs to girls whose names he didn't bother knowing so he made new ones up.

I don't really like any show that features wives of famous people. This includes all the Real Housewives series. It doesn't take a lot of talent to keep your body in shape (in some cases), and be a bitch. I could do that, but instead I choose to make my own money. I also tend not to trick men into having kids with me to get child support (I'm calling you out "Basketball Wives.")

"Mobwives" is worse because it's not only that these bitches aren't famous. But they're basking in the glorification of their husbands, fathers, uncles, or brothers who are famous for breaking law in as many different ways as you can. Which, in some cases, includes murder. But I'm supposed to feel sorry for them because a man in their life got caught and went to jail so they have to fend for themselves? really? Is this what being a strong woman is being compared to now days?

That's what makes me even more mad. That these women think of themselves (and others buy into it too) as strong women. Is it really strong to be a 40 year old in a bar doing shots and getting angry because someone showed up who you don't like? Are screaming matches that I didn't even tolerate in high school, let alone as an adult, really being strong or just being a bitch? I know there are times when strong woman and bitch get wrongfully mixed in use. This is not one of those times.

I don't fear that smart women will see the show and decide that fake boobs, a spray tan and bad attitude are suddenly a fulfilling life. I have more faith in women than that. What I don't want is those bitches profiting on this horrible show. Seriously, VH1? There's a reason that I don't watch your network. At least the girls of "Teen Mom," have that whole under 21 thing to fall back on. But what about the "Mobwives"? What do they have? Hopefully nothing except cancellation and resorting to getting real jobs to make real money.

In the mean time, I think I'll watch "30 Rock" again.

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