Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They're starting to come out. . .

I realized this weekend as I was in New Orleans that my "ashley-isms" are really starting to come out in work settings. There's a typical grace period that happens when you're acclimating and with that comes the restraint of colloquialisms that have a background or only you think are funny. I can't even really claim most of these as "Ashley-isms" because I've blatantly stole the best of the best for my own use. I only originated a few, but all are starting to break the surface of every day talk.

I had a co-worker at a conference this weekend say "I'm not sure if it's the Southern coming out or if it's just your personality. Either way, you're cracking me up." I had another co-worker stop me three sentences after I had spit out a saying to say "Back up, did you really just say 'hitch in the giddy-up'?"

Yes. Yes, I did. Here are some others that have started coming to the surface lately:
  • "Noodle", as in "Let me noodle on that and get back to you"- stolen from a previous supervisor Suzanne
  • "Jazzed" as in "I get really jazzed about collaboration"-- I had hear it in use before but it wasn't until a previous supervisor, Erica, that I had hear it used in a context for work.
  • "Hitch in my giddy-up"- meaning "Obstacle" not sure where I heard it but I did and I kept it.
  • "Double awesome" because sometimes one awesome just isn't enough
  • "Word", as in "I concur" --clearly not mine or anyone that I know, but I believe I pioneered its use in corporate situations and well past it's expiration date.
  • "Howdy"- another overtly southern/ cowboy term that I think is more inviting than a traditional "hello"
I can't think of any other ones right now, but if you remember me saying something weird or have a saying I should start using, feel free to leave me a comment.

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