Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Wish I Could Be Like Our Neighbors

I want to openly thank our upstairs neighbors for they are so nice and helpful to our life here in LA. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without them. Their habits have inspired me and I think could inspire you. So, here are ways my neighbors are great:
  • They aren't bound by the standards of time. They live a life free of things like "early mornings" and "respectable hours." They can stay up until 6 a.m. -- and often do--without the confines of society weighing them down.
  • They're environmentally conscious. They are so reluctant to throw things in the trash that they often freely give them to mother nature. In fact, they often give to her specifically on the five foot area of shrubbery by our patio. We should honor their offerings, but don't. I often feel guilty when I'm forced to throw their trash away as I know it's not what they clearly intended.
  • Their cleanliness is beyond reproach. I only aspire to the level of cleanliness that our upstairs neighbors live with every day. I think about that as the showers of soapy water come cascading down upon Chef and my's heads on the patio. This happens about every two weeks and is literally sending gallons of water and soap down upon our patio. I think they're trying to tell us that we need to clean our area as well.
  • They are very frugal. Our neighbors are so frugal. Instead of spending the dollar or so to have a new key made, they use a rock--obtained for free mind you--to prop open our locked gates for all hours of the night.
  • Our neighbors are hospitable. They feel confined by our security system and its unapproachability with codes and having others "be let in". Luckily, they work around that one with the above.
I can only hope that in time I will rise above my current level of thinking and break my habits of being unneighborly. Wish me luck.

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