Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I Need Continued Motivation

What is wrong with me? I have to remain vigilant (she type with a belly full of fast food). I can't fall off the wagon (she says from the ground as the wagon rolls past her).

For some reason it's been hard for me to string together more than about two weeks of motivation at a time. I can eat my little lunch and feel good about my small dinner for only so long before BAM! I'm ready to eat the house down. I was that way today. I had done well all day and then get home and I'm ravenous. So I suggest fast food. While I didn't get the two cheeseburger meal that I longed for, I did get chicken nuggets. And that's not good.

So tomorrow I will try again to gain my composure. To face my food demons and try to remember when my belly rumbles with hunger that the hunger is temporary. With just a few bites I will stop being a bitchy, whiny person and start being a normal rational one. I will not eat when I'm not hungry. (that's my hardest thing to remember but the first rule of eating, right? Why is it so hard?).

Tomorrow I start again.

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