Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things I've Noticed Lately (Elliptical Edition)

Here are some random observations from my morning time on the elliptical. Please note that these things popped into my head at 5 a.m., so they may be a little odd:
  • When did the fat on my face start jiggling when I run? Did this always happen or did it start when I hit a certain age?
  • What is the term for the upper ass area that not quite hip, not quite back but still holds weird pockets of fat? How do you get rid of those things?
  • Why does the guy (and I'm sure it's a man because he leaves the gym a mess) who comes in late at night insist on turning the AC units down as low as they can go? And then open the gym doors to the cool night air? Does he not know he's letting out "bought air"?
  • I love that random southern sayings like "bought air" can still creep into my thoughts.
  • Why did the apartment people put the air conditioning units up too high for a person of normal height to reach?
  • If I were attacked walking from my apartment to the complex gym, I would make the attacker head to the gym or at least chase me there because it's got cameras.
  • I know that by nature they're full of trash, but there has to be way to make the dumpsters not spew a stream of hot garbage air into your face when you close them. Why isn't someone working on this?
  • Early morning news crews / anchors are bad no matter how large the market.
That's it for this installment of "Things I've noticed lately" Elliptical edition. Enjoy!

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