Monday, May 23, 2011

What's Red, Puffy and Running all Day?

My nose? Nope. A Zit? Nope. My stupid, frickin' eye. I could feel it coming on and I'm an idiot so I didn't go to the optometrist.

Well, that's not entirely true. I didn't go to the optometrist because it was Saturday and the ones on my insurance weren't open. And since it was overcast yesterday in LA, I wasn't light sensitive and thought I was doing better.

Then I get hit full blast with a bunch of sunshine in my face sent me to tears faster than a movie with a cancer-stricken mom. I suffered for the morning in my cave like office and then decided that enough was enough. I couldn't go to a doctor near my work because my glasses were at home and once the contacts come out, they can't go back in. So I found a doctor near my house, got the quickest appointment and headed out.

I knew what I had. I've had it twice before in my life and it's not something you quickly forget. The optometrist, though, wasn't my favorite. I probably won't go back. Mostly because he seemed very proud of himself for having diagnosed me (after I told him what I probably had) and then proceeded to lecture me.

It was (as I knew) a corneal ulcer. My eyes have always had a hard time with contacts and not being "able to breathe" properly. But they haven't acted up in like 7 years, so it's not a huge deal. The guy then told me that I needed new glasses (which I never wear unless I have an eye problem). Finally he listened to me say that and then told me that I should get Lasik. He then told me that I needed to take Chef with me on the appointment because it was a decision that I couldn't make on my own. Had he had said that once or twice, I might've been okay, but he said it repeatedly, which honestly just pissed me off.

In the end, he made me "get my money's worth" and kept me in the chair for 30 minutes longer than necessary asking me if I had any questions repeatedly (which I didn't) and then almost forgot to give me the eye drop prescription that I needed.

So, drops for a week. Glasses (ugh) for the next couple of days. And then I need to find an IU optometrist out here. There's something healing about a Hoosier-taught eye doc.

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