Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blame Canada

In a few days I'm heading to the other end of the continent--almost quite literally--for work. And each time I think of the trip, that famous South Park song goes roaring through my head and I instantly tap my toes singing "Blame Canada!".

Why am I blaming Canada? Did I not just mention that I'm heading there for work? Well aside from that, I'm also there for nearly a week in a small town and missing a holiday. Canadians either don't celebrate the same or don't have Memorial Day. So instead of kicking off the summer with a grill and a beach, I'll be spending my holiday in a booth and at meetings. (insert sad sound effect here).

Honestly, it's not that bad as I'm sure I'll make up the time later this month, but there's a long stretch between President's Day and now, so I was kinda looking forward to a long weekend. Oh well. Maybe I can find a nice place to have a good dinner and see a movie that Chef wouldn't want to see while I'm there. Besides, the Canada trip ends and I head straight to New York, so I'm sure that leg of the trip (albeit brief) will be pretty cool. I haven't been to New York in ages.

Anyway, please don't text or phone me and expect a response while I'm "international" (seriously how can Canada be international? That's just ridiculous). It's too damn expensive to respond. Another reason to Blame Canada.

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