Friday, February 11, 2011

Because It's Still (And Will Always Be) In My Heart

I've clearly and obviously still got a soft spot in my heart for the American Heart Association. I mean, it's only been a few months that I left the place with an entire day's worth of tears streaking down my face, a nose clogged from snot and looking like I'd been beaten. (They didn't beat me for leaving, but I cried so hard it felt like they had.)

It wasn't just the mission or the job that I knew I'd miss, but the 100 percent the people. My co-workers were smart, dedicated and hardworking people. Some of them were even sarcastic, slang-talking weirdos like me. And then of course, there were the people who weren't paid to work for the American Heart Association, but did it anyway. Those lovely volunteers who had great intentions and tons of spirit who loved to help just because. No other reason (usually).

And so with that, I will sit here and blog for my heart. Lots of people know of the American Heart Association, but few know the true intricacies of the organization (unless they work for it). So, with that I'll say one of the most public and well-received efforts the organization ever launched was the Go Red For Women movement. It is vital because while more than half of all women can NOW name heart disease as the No. 1 killer of women, less than 25 percent actually think it is something that will affect THEM.

And unfortunately, that is not the case. Heart disease claims the life of one in three women.

Think of all the women in your life: your mom, sister, grandma, aunt, daughter, friends. That's a lot of women. One in THREE will die. That's not good odds. (Other odds that aren't good- getting away with murder-- 2 to 1 odds on that!).

In that spirit, today I'm blogging my heart out to support Go Red For Women. Spreading the message and asking you to tell 5 people the same thing. It's easy. Click here, join the FREE movement and tell 5 other people. It's easy and it takes less time than it took you to read this blog post. So, you might as well do it!

To all my heart friends, I miss you very dearly and have thought of you (or will think of you) during this hectic month of Go Red events, Heart Galas and Balls, and all the things that make you tired.

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