Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Weird Coincidence

Today was day three at my new gig. I am positive why they wanted me to start this week. First is the fact that my boss is in town from London this week. Not that he isn't here a lot, but an entire week of his presence is key for this as my position was created and replicating one in the UK office.

Second is that EVERYONE from all branches of this company is in town this week. There was a big office wide "meeting" today where the new products were announced and a lot of the other branches from other locales (DC and UK mostly) had their people present. It's an interesting set-up and I'm beginning to understand the pieces. So, this meeting was all 300 or so of this branch's employees at a hotel about 5 miles from the office.

The coincidence comes in the fact that I was heading to the bathroom at this hotel when I happened upon two of the few people I know in LA now. It was two of the LA American Heart Association employees. Turns out they were confirming some things for Ventura County Go Red For Women Luncheon next month. I was kind of excited for two reasons: 1) I know more than just Chef in LA!! I'm on my way to having some contacts and then some friends! and 2) I'm probably going to be able to go to the luncheon since it's so close. Another chance to meet some new people.

Don't get me wrong. I've met about 30 people at my new job, and I remember at least half of their names, but I'm always looking for some kindred spirits. Or at least some clever smart asses.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

That's AWESOME. Now you need to hope that Yass HATES NYC and wants to move to LA.. then you WILL have a smart ass on your hands. LOL


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