Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shopped Till I Dropped

For some reason, I wanted to go shopping today. And because he's my best advocate, Chef was all in. Not only that, he came to be last night and said "Why don't we leave early so we can be there when the outlets open? That place is crazy busy."

And he was right. We got there right when it opened and it was already getting packed. I hit the GAP and got some great deals. Then hit the CAbi outlet. Not only did they have TWO items that I had wanted the last time I was there IN MY SIZE this time, but when I went to check out, the lady gave me chocolate. And not just any chocolate. I opened it and it had an additional discount of 30 PERCENT!! Hello!!!

Then we found some things for Chef and I found out that both Ann Taylor AND Benetton had sales were everything in the store was an additional 40 percent off. Ridiculous. It was just my day to get some deals. And a day that I appreciate Chef letting me take as much time as I needed.

Now tomorrow is going to be a different day. Tomorrow is the day when I have to go through my closet and weed out all those shirts that I feel badly about buying and only wearing once before deciding that they weren't cute. Now they sit there and mock me every morning as I pass them over for a more loved shirt. It's time to let them mock someone else now. I've got new duds!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Excellent. Chef is a good egg. The egyptian is a rotten egg.


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