Saturday, February 26, 2011

End of Round One

Today was the last day of our first Wrye Family Weight Loss Challenge. Two months ago my aunts, cousins and I started off on our journey to lose weight. We track it through a weekly weigh-in and chat about it on a secret Facebook group.

We started out by setting a goal (it ended up being 10 pounds each) and then we choose a reward. If ALL of us hit our goal, then we get to partake in our reward. My reward was a nice haircut and color from a professional--not just Supercuts and a box of Nice 'N Easy like I normally do.

Good news is that we had our last weigh-in for round one this morning and we all hit our goal. The six of us lost more than 77 pounds in two months. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. I lost a little over 11 pounds this time and that brings the total of weight I've lost since moving to LA at more than 14 pounds. Not too shabby. Especially when you consider that Chef and I still go out at least once a week for a nice dinner. I'm actually pretty happy with it so far. And at least for the moment I'm motivated for about 30 more pounds.

Now the question becomes, how am I going to get my hair cut and what color should it be? Chef is determined for me to be a redhead, but I'm not quite convinced yet. Maybe some auburn highlights, but I'm not ready to commit to full blown red. I'm also thinking it's time to get some bangs and an actual hairstyle. Hopefully by next weekend, I'll have some pictures to post.

In the mean time, if you have any hair suggestions, send them my way.

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