Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conclusions I've Come to This Week (so far)

I've been doing some thinking and chatting and various things are flitting in and out of my head. So, here are some conclusions that I've come to this week:
  • I want to be married but don't really want the hassle of planning a wedding (or reception). When all is said and I done, Chef and I will be getting married here pretty quickly but won't be having a wedding reception to publicly celebrate until about our first anniversary.
  • There are few embarrassing things or situations that you can't laugh your way out of. I should know. I was in one this week that is not for public consumption, but Chef got a chuckle out of it, anyhow.
  • My weight loss is paying off (again). I got my license and the bloated face on it is larger than the face that stares back at me today. I guess 14 pounds will do that to a person.
  • Being from a smaller state doesn't necessarily mean things are run backwards. Both Tennessee and Indiana had WAY better DMV procedures than California. It's fairly sad when Chef and I went to the DMV on the same day and he got his license 5 weeks later and I got my license 5 weeks after him.
  • My office is really sad. I need to bring that box of packed items from my old office so I at least have a bobblehead and a certain onion cooker to brighten my work area.
  • More choices doesn't necessarily mean BETTER choices. Case in point: our continuing restaurant saga. We've tried a pretty good gamut of area restaurants and still cannot be completely satisfied. All are really well reviewed, but don't really deliver consistent and delicious results. Chef says part of that is that we're discerning customers.
  • There are some weird movies out there. Chef and I watched "Little Boy Blue" last night and were intrigued. This one's got perceived incest, maniacal military impostors and lots of Ryan Phillipe's bare ass. A weird combo and not necessarily a winning combo, but I didn't feel cheated out of valuable time in my life.

So that's what I've learned up until Wednesday. Word.

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