Sunday, February 06, 2011

Yes, I start my new job tomorrow, but here's the key question: What do I wear?

It seems the same for the first day of anything new- a new job, a new home, a new school. There's always a first day. And it's never the actual work or core of the new challenge that we worry about. It's the little things.

And for me, I'm worried about the little things. Here's my list:
  • Will I get there in time?
  • Will I be overdressed in a suit?
  • Should I pack a lunch? If I pack a lunch, how long does it take for a frozen meal to thaw? Do they have a fridge for me to store it? Would it look bad to have my name already written on it?
  • Is it presumptuous to bring some of my office decor on the first day? How early is too early to designate and stock a snack drawer?
  • Will I have a cubicle or an office?
  • How much paperwork will I have to fill out for HR? What's the over/under on pages? (I'm thinking 10 pages)
  • How much help will I need to figure out the new to me office equipment works?
  • What's gonna surprise me most?
Oddly enough, I know they have a schedule for me. And less odd is that my questions center around food. That seems to be the center of a lot of questions in my life. Like, why can't I stay away from it?

Until then, tomorrow is a new day and a new challenge. I'm sure my small questions will be answered fairly quickly and give way to much larger, long-term questions. But I'll save those for another day.

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