Thursday, February 24, 2011

The More Things Change. . .

the more they stay the same. Well, kind of. It's 9:15 on Thursday night and I'm on my work computer. Why? Because a mere three weeks in and I feel about a month behind. Or in one case, I'm actually 60 days behind. How did I come up with 60 days? Well, the project that just got handed to me 5 days ago and needs to go out in 30 days needs to be completed by the art department. The art department requests 90 days to get a project from first draft to final copy. A good practice, I'm sure, but it ultimately means that i'm already 60 days behind and need to ask a favor to get things done.

Generally, I feel like I'm doing pretty well, but I also feel like I'm dropping the ball on a few items. I guess that's a typical feeling when starting a new gig. While I'm used to having a ton to do, I'm not used to having to implement my new organization system (which isn't quite where it needs to be), and learning the new customs and expectations of a different company. For example, writing a press release is taking me about twice as long as it should because I'm not entirely sure what and how much information needs to be included. And then I go off in search of the information and some that I need isn't available for public consumption. So then I have to track it down internally which takes even longer.

Basically it boils down to unfamiliarity. Until I get a little more time here under my belt, my normal productivity is going to be lower. Which will frustrate me.

But I know I'll be back to normal soon enough.

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