Thursday, January 19, 2012

Carnitas with a Side of Delicious

Carnitas Tamale from Wild Salsa.
This is probably going to be a tough stretch weight loss wise. Any hints or well wishes would be greatly appreciated. Why so tough? I'm travelling for work until Monday and then hostessing my UK work counterparts all next week. I'm actually psyched they're coming in, but also know that there might be a few lunches and dinners involved. And my will power has clearly always been my Achilles heel. You don't get to be 229 lbs with an iron will. But you do get there with an iron stomach. I'm trying to swap those out. How can I be so determined in one aspect of my life and so lax in another?

Watching a Project Runway
rerun from the elliptical.
Anyway, I ONLY ate the carnitas tamale that I ordered tonight and not chips, guacamole, rice, and sopapillas. I will say that if they had had fried ice cream, it would've been game on. But their loss of my money will ultimately equal my loss in ass size.

After dinner, I walked from the restaurant to FedEx office to pick up some things for our event on Sunday then I walked from FedEx back to the hotel. Three miles in real time, then I hopped on the elliptical and did three more. And then I decided to cave to my sweet tooth and get a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. Who says you shouldn't reward with food?

This week:
  • Days per week that I worked on my novel: 7
  • Calories burned per week: 2175 (a pound is 3500)
  • Days per week at or under my daily calorie goal: 5
  • Weight loss/gain: -1 lb.
  • Cumulative loss/ gain: -6 lbs.

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