Monday, January 02, 2012

Goodbye Harmons, Hello New Haunting

Apparently Ryan Murphy did a conference call with entertainment reporters after the finale and said that that was the end (literal and figurative) for the Harmon family. The story arc for them is over, as is the LA mansion plot line. Some characters are coming back next season, but not everyone. Which made Chef and I get a little nostalgic for the awesomeness that was this season of American Horror Story

I felt I needed a little more closure. yes, I'm a little crazy, but the story was really good this season and how many times in my life have I lived so close to the set of my favorite show or movie? (The correct answer is NEVER). So we had a field trip to the location of the Murder House aka the Harmon House aka the Rosenheim mansion

The Rosenheim mansion is for sale and can be yours with the chapel and recording studio for a mere $17,000,000. In a crappy neighborhood. Let's just say that when Constance sends the Boy Dahlia to the "Korean" to get cigarettes on several occasions, that's probably the most true thing said in the whole series about the neighborhood. 

Nevertheless, it was fun and we capped off our visit with an American Horror Story marathon of season one. I think I've properly said goodbye to the Harmons. Tate and Constance, on the other hand, still have some unfinished business. Wherever the next round of Horror takes place, I hope that Jessica Lange and Evan Peters come back to help fulfill the creepy quotient of the show. They're fabulous.

What are your predictions for season 2? If you aren't watching the show, why not?!?!

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Julie Anne said...

When I saw this online yesterday, I almost emailed you, but then thought she might think I'm a little obsessed. So happy to hear you are the same. I'm having withdrawals. Mainly of Evan Peters.


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