Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day Trippin'

A bird hanging out on the coastline
There are many benefits to living in LA, but one of them is that there's a lot of day tripping opportunities. Yesterday was a bonus one. I was asked to give a presentation at our company's sales meeting that is being held in San Diego. Because it's only a few hours away and because I was only a part of the meeting for a few hours, I decided to take advantage of the day trip opportunity. And because Chef was also available, we got to go together. We took a long way down and stopped at some sights. He went off to take some pictures and then we met up for dinner together. The only bummer of the entire day was at the restaurant. I had seen them on Food Network and picked them because they have famous fried ice cream. I have been craving fried ice cream for a few months. We had a really good dinner--it was great Mexican food. The hitch was that they had RUN OUT OF FRIED ICE CREAM. How does that even happen?!?! I had a giant pouty face for at least 10 minutes. But I got over it. Here are some pics from our trip (my presentation not included, but yes, it went well):
Chef taking a picture. Military helicopter in the background.
Birds hanging out at the view point on the scenic route.

More birds

End of the day Skinny Margarita

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