Monday, April 04, 2005

Half-Ass Racket

Why is it that every other company that serves the public not only tries to gain new customers, but also tries to serve their existing costumer, while cell phone companies only try to gain new customers?

It really pisses me off that cell phone providers dick their customers. Take my cell phone company, Sprint. I've been with them for more than 5 years and what do I get for my loyalty? Jack shit. They have yet to lower their rates for existing customers, but feel free to offer new customers their Fair & Flexible plan, more minute for less money and lower costs for their wireless web access.

However, what really pisses me off is the racket they pull when you want a new phone. For five years, I've only gotten one phone directly from Sprint. The other two have been second hand phones. The first phone cost me about $80 and was totally analog.

While new customers get $150 worth of INSTANT rebates, the existing customers are forced to pay upwards of $200 for a phone that holds a charge longer than 5 minutes. I know that Sprint doesn't offer a phone for less than $149 and none of them without a camera phone. What's up with that shit? What happened to the no-frills solid and sturdy economy phone?

I'm probably most upset at their new attempt not to dick old customers that really is just another way to dick old customers. They claim that they will offer their existing clients up to $150 in rebates towards a new phone. First of all, the rebates are mail-in meaning you have to pay the money up front. Secondly, I had no purchased a new phone in 5 years from Sprint, yet they made me wait more than 6 months into the program before I was eligible. I was eligible for the month of January and since I didn't take advantage in January, I then was told I was not eligible again until September. Meaning I had a total wait time of 15 months if I want to get a new phone from Sprint. Total craptasticness.

Anyway, if you have a cell phone provider that values its customers, let me know. I'd happily switch and take advantage of getting a new free phone and a great cheap-ass plan.


Can You Hear Me Now? said...

This was me just a few months ago. Screw Verizon and their "New Every Two." If you put me on that plan, I expect you to sell me a phone that actually LASTS that 2 years. Fuckers. I feel your pain, Ashley girl!

Shera, Princess of Power said...

We will be getting new free phones from Cingular in July, two years ater we signed up and got free phones. If they decide to be dicks, we will change providers. Perhaps the one with the juicy Ms. CZJ as their spokeswoman. They can only treat you like shit if you let them.


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