Saturday, April 09, 2005

No Mo Drama

There's something to be said for not living near your family. It's amazing that just a few hours of driving spares me the numerous stories and gossip from the family. Also it gives me a reprieve from the grandma that thinks I'm a 32 year-old "funny girl." If you're living anywhere near the epicenter of your family fault line, I highly suggest sidestepping the guilt and giving yourself a little bit of distance. Getting a break from the daily drama and chaos that comes with family is well worth having to drive a couple of times a year to visit.

On another note, was it just me or did Saturday Night Live seem to feature less Cameron Diaz and more Jimmy Fallon? I'm not complaining because I don't think Cameron Diaz is hot or funny, but I'm just saying. She kinda got dicked on that deal. Even Justin got more laughs and screen time than she did.


Precious Schultz said...

Yes, but you HAVE to admit that you were mezmerized by her hipbones during that monologue. I swear, you just stare at them to see if they're real- is there a "7 minute hipbones" exercise video that I'm missin' out on? Do I even have hipbones? "No, no I don't" ala Justin on the BeeGees skit...
OK, and I live very close to the family fault line, as you call it, and it's fine until your mother starts dating her sasquach husband again. If anyone's hungry, I think he's saving some egg in his hair sweater.

Shera, Princess of Power said...

Talkin' it up
On the Barry Gibb Talk Show.
Talkin' 'bout chest hair,
Talkin' 'bout crazy cool medallions

Ashley said...

I still have nightmares anytime anyone mentions egg quiche, but at least I have the knowledge that he had to snake my poop.


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