Thursday, December 08, 2011

I Found My Tacky

I went to Walgreen's today during my lunch break to grab a few things and thought that it would be a good place to search for #8 on my Holiday Spirit Quest list:
Buy something tacky just because its seasonal.
I knew Walgreen's wouldn't let me down and boy, they didn't. There were a few things to choose from until I saw it. The one item that screamed to me "YOU MUST BUY ME!". The rejected items that I've seen that were almost, but not quite, tacky enough were:
  • A Christmas carol singing Sock Monkey
  • A dancing Christmas tree (felt a little 1992)
  • The leg lamp from A Christmas Story (been done before--a lot)
  • Mickey Mouse ears with a Santa Hat headband (didn't want to wear the tacky--just admire it from afar)
  • Two coconut balls that were packaged together as "Frosty's balls" (tacky but it was edible and not something for display)
While all those did scream to me, the winner was this:

Yes, that is a Snooki Christmas ornament. I debated on whether to get Snooki or The Situation and settled on her because her ornament looks least like her actual self plus there's a giant butt on her that has "Made in China" imprinted on it. 

Look closely for the Made in China.
It made me chuckle. Clearly, I couldn't get a J-Wow or Pauli D ornament (which they also had) because we all know they won't have the longevity that the Snooki has. 

And to help spread the tacky Christmas cheer, I'm going to put the names of some of my closest friends in a hat and draw out one to send this lovely ornament to after the holidays. You're welcome in advance.

Can you out tacky me? I double dog DARE you!

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