Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stuck in my head

What does it say to me that I have had the whistling song that plays behind Tate's murderous rampage stuck in my head for the last two days? (Tate from American Horror Story, not a real person). The song is called Twisted Nerve and has been used in many other movies, TV shows, etc. When I looked up the song (after Chef had sent me one version), I found this mashup that "RavenclawRose7" did on YouTube. It gave me chills and so I had to share. It creeps me out in that delicious way that the whole show did this season.  So my gift to you for the last post of 2011 is the gift of American Horror Story. You're welcome!


Julie Anne said...

How much fun would we have with a weekly Wednesday meet up before and after the show?
Drinking game to AHS, perhaps?
Love me some Tate. I can't help myself.

Hoosier Chick said...

Next season is supposed to be completely different. I think they'll bring the guy who plays Tate back as a bad character again, but that's just my prediction. We need to do a weekly touch base to discuss our predictions next season FOR SURE!


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