Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Spirit Quest: Almost Halfway Home

Shipping off the cards    
Last night I went to my company Holiday Party. It was fun. I sat with friends and ate good food and had a nice pomegranate cocktail. I was convinced I was going to win a door prize. I didn't but two of the people I met up with did. I got over the disappointment by reliving  the IU-UK game in my head. (You can do it for reals through this link.)

I also watched two Christmas movies this weekend (Love Actually and Four Christmases) AND the Lifetime Christmas movie (12 Men of Christmas starring Kristin Chenoweth). So this is what I've gotten marked off my list thus far:
Yes, that's tape holding it.
  1. Listen to nothing but Christmas music on one commute home. (did it twice, actually)
  2. Give a gift to a stranger. (bought Christmas dinner for a family at our local Ralph's)
  3. Make a Gingerbread house. (pictures to prove it!)
  4. Put out at least one holiday decoration. (IU Santa is now a lucky charm)
  5. Buy something tacky just because its seasonal. (Snooki. That's all)
  6. Watch a Christmas movie. (Love Actually --totally counts--and Four Christmases)
  7. Send holiday cards. (In the mail)
  8. Give a gift to someone without expecting one in return. (Donated a toy to our local CASA)
  9. Read The Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris. (Technically listened to it on audiobook but I realized while listening that I had actually already read this.)
  10. Attend a Holiday Party. (Last night's work party).
  11. Watch a Lifetime or Hallmark Holiday movie (counts separately from one above). (12 Men of Christmas--it was. . .predictable)
  12. Make puppy chow (and give most of it away). 
  13. Buy something that smells like Christmas.  (Peppermint Holidays candle--not exactly peppermint but much better).
The infamous candle

No. A Child did not make this. It was a grown adult, but it was my first time,  so lay off. 

Chef and I are wondering how long the Gingerbread House will last with the cats around. At least I have photographic evidence that I did it. 

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