Monday, February 21, 2005

Bowling Ball on Concrete

I was adventurous this weekend and went out not just once, but TWO nights in a row. Usually I am happier to be at home snuggled in and not dealing with people that I randomly meet and are instantly annoyed by on the street. However, I had a date on Friday and my dad came to town on Saturday for some skee-ball, pop-a-shot, diner good times.

The family excursion on Saturday night ended up at a comedy club where I was excited to be hearing some live stand-up which I anticipated to be pretty good (and wasn't disappointed). However, the most lasting impression of the night wasn't a good joke or standing between my dad and He Who Must Not Be Named for the first time, but rather a sound.

Not just any sound, but the sound of a bowling ball being dropped onto concrete. In reality, it was actually the head of a drunk, homeless man who was laying on the concrete and when a cop tried to reach in his back pocket, the head came crashing down. It was probably the worst sound I've heard and felt in a long time.

On a different and more infuriating note, He Who Must Not Be Named beat my father and I by a good 200,000 points in skee ball. I'd be more upset except that at least I got a cool Grover doll out of it.


Precious Schultz said...

OK, so now "the man" is allowing you to write about him, eh? Or is there some sort of disclaimer that allows you to use boyfriend anecdotes when you are talking about how he beats Rocky?
I'm confused and feel like I'm being jerked around- one day it's a no, the next day we get a bit of info. I'm not used to not knowing where I stand with you. Someone get me my Paxil!
I'm not saying I want explicit information (cause I don't) but at least a little bitching or embarrasing remarks. Afterall, what's a writer to write about if she has to leave the important stuff out?!?!?!

Swampette said...

I recommend picking a new name for him. Otherwise I'm going to always be thinking that your boyfriend is an evil undead wizard with a penchant for murder and large snakes.

Ashley said...

Yes, the man will let me write about him,at least in relation to things that happen that he is a witness to. And I like that he's a little creepy with the snakes.


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