Thursday, February 17, 2005

Office Immortality (Updated)

When people talk about immortality, they often get that glossy-eyed look and start spewing stuff about their children and grandchildren. How they'll live on in the actions of their offspring. Shit like that.

When I think about my immortality, being without husband or child, I put my immortality in terms of something more practical: the workplace. Because I refuse to really think of forever as a place completely different than where we live now, the delusion lives. So, the question becomes what have I done or will I do in this place that will leave an impact?

While many of us would like to think it's bringing our job to a higher level, in reality the little changes we make seem to be most lasting. I know our office manager would like to think that her system for paying bills will live on in infamy, but I know that her contribution of Outdoor Life for Women to the bathroom magazine stash is more likely to outlast her time here.

Just today I believe that I have contributed my share to the office for eternity. After years of staying the same and bearing our old statistics and logo, I finally changed our Fax coversheet. I believe that this change will outlive my time at the AHA and become an example for others for many years.

The "Heart Fax & Facts" cover sheet. My immortality.

UPDATE! My accomplishment and immortality begins as an office-wide email was sent around today to tell everyone that a new fax coversheet had been made. Apparently the accomplishment was also worthy of the exclamation point of urgency! in the message. Good times.


Shera, Princess of Power said...

Uh. Did you get the memo about the new coversheets that we're using on all office correspondence? I'll get you a copy.

Precious Schultz said...

Oh, bebe, I'm so happy for you. Maybe you can next design the new layout for the TPS reports.

Ashley said...

Funny you should mention a memo, Shera. Actually there was an all-office email that was sent out notifying everyone of the new fax coversheet and pronouncing my contribution to this Lord of the Flies island.


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