Friday, February 25, 2005

Pitched in and pissed off

I've made the decision that I'm never pitching in for a gift where I know I won't see any reciprocal action ever again. Yet again the hat was passed around here for a communal baby gift and fine, I pitched in. Even if this was the chick's second kid and even if the sex of the baby was the same as the first time. Whatever.

However, what pisses me off is that I was not invited to the party where the gift will be given. I am not exaggerating when I say that 85 percent of the office was invited to the party, but I was not. I only even found out about the party when a dumbass coworker passed me the menu to order lunch with the email invitation attached to it. And needless to say I was not on the invite.

Could this be a simple mistake? No. I've been left off the invitation list on a couple of occasions because I am not technically part of the metro team. However, I feel in this case I should be included because I helped pay for this stupid party.

So that's the last straw. I'm not contributing to any more of these stupid pass-around envelopes for gifts. If I feel strongly enough to want to contribute, I will buy the person a gift from me. If I don't, then I will pass the envelope to the next person and not be guilted into giving shit.


Swampette said...

Be prepared to be left out of the Cool Kids Work Club. That's what happens when you treat your workplace as a workplace instead of a suburban bridge circle.

Precious Schultz said...

Did you say anything to these people about not inviting you? Cause I WOULD HAVE. They need to hear that what they did was rude.
I wouldn't be contributing to any more gifts either. Because my own BOSS didn't even contribute to my big 20 dollar wedding check. Keep in mind that that check ws from 5 people- each person contributed 4 DOLLARS. ANd there are over 20 people in this office. So when I think of all the times I have put money toward cakes, retirements, baby presents and such, it makes me sick. Maybe I will start not giving too.

Ashley said...

I wasn't in the little sorority before, but at least I was included in things where it'd be rude not to invite me. Here's adding insult to injury: A guy who used to work here and be the "golden child" of the office was invited.

Shera, Princess of Power said...

I tried to stop doing that shit, but it is so hard when you are approached personally and you have to admit to someone's face that you are too cheap/poor/disinterseted to contribute. I need to grow some balls. Thankfully, there isn't much of that going around at High School Greyskull.


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