Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Radio killed the PR person

I got suckered. It wasn't the first time that I've been suckered, sad to say. Perhaps the most memorable suckering came when Schultz waltzed around me on the ice after convincing me to sign up for ice skating class with her by using the line "I haven't skated since middle school either."

Anyway, I was suckered into at least one radio interview this week to talk about a recently popular topic. There are a couple things about radio that make it much better than TV. First of all, the phone interview. If the interview is short enough and the radio station nice enough, you can call in to a morning show while still wearing your pajamas (Scooby Doo, for your information).

Secondly, the cloak of having only your voice broadcast means you can bring sheafs of paper in with you and consult them periodically to sound all that much better while spewing facts (Did you know that only 13 percent of women consider heart disease their greatest health risk?).

While my radio debut tomorrow is in studio and therefore lacking in the pajama department, it still will shield me from having to look too nice. I've been practicing shuffling my papers noiselessly all day.


Precious Schultz said...

I recommend using large notecards rather than papers. They don't make noise when shuffling.
I'm assuming the way you talk about work that you didn't give the blog address to coworkers. People have been fired for less, you know. I'm just sayin'.

Ashley said...

Because of everyone's concern, I have edited the blog to be completely generic and don't use mention of any specific names, companies or campaigns. I've also checked out the employment law on this and unless I make defaming comments about someone or release confidential company information, I can't be sued or fired for my blog.


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