Thursday, February 24, 2005

The last couple of mornings I've had the pleasure of watching Katie Couric and Matt Lauer do their morning hardcore interviews. You know the ones where they look into the camera and telepathically say to the viewer "You're not buying this bullshit, are you?". And I get the pleasure of realizing that people really are more stupid, arrogant and narcissistic than I ever imagined.

Here are three of the latest (and one not so relevant) and most heinous interview subjects with a quiz at the end:
  • Jose Canseco was on to defend his allegations of major league baseball steroid abuse and his reputation of an asshole who will do anything for money. Of course the entire world believes that nearly every baseball player is juiced. If you're selling a World Series ring on eBay and will only take a lie-detector test as a pay-per-view event, then you must seriously love the game.
  • Ron Artest did a simultaneous interview on the Today show with an Indy radio station and it was the most pathetic thing ever seen. When asked if he felt his fan battle royal was a good role model for kids, he said that he wouldn't want any of his four kids to watch it. Then he preceded to promote the album he produced relentlessly.
  • Jeff Gannon aka James Guckert tried pleading with Campbell Brown this morning that his involvement in licensing internet porn web sites (including the aforementioned had nothing to do with his current work as a creditenialed White House correspondent for a Republican-sponsored internet site. Nor the fact had never worked as a journalist before.

So now here's the quiz. Match these quotes with the three subjects listed above:

  1. "It's just too hard for people to pronounce."
  2. "It's the best sports book of all time and I'll even sign it."
  3. "It's not my fault. It's the media."

1) Jeff Gannon on his real name, Jeff Guckert 2) Jose Canseco 3) All of the above

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