Monday, February 14, 2005

Testifying in a Hospital Cafeteria to Some Bad Boombox Music

I had to work a Health Fair this weekend which usually means 5 hours sitting next to another disease or defect booth (this time it was sleep disorders) and humoring people with free crap. And they steal you blind, trust me. Old people want anything and everything that's free.

However, the highlight of this debacle was a skunk-haired woman screeching songs into a mic attached to a boombox. Songs written by "my brother, Johnny" aka Johnny Cash. Johnny never wore a sequined cow shirt and that's what I admired about him. This lady, not so much. Perhaps most disturbing were the people who were silently raising their hands as she sang to "testify to Jesus." I don't know if Jesus was at the Health fair, but I saw a couple of people his age. Maybe some homies of his.


Precious Schultz said...

You know if Jesus was there, his only mutterings would be "Oh. my. DAD." (ala SNL)
I'm glad that you get some sort of entertainment at your event. Last year where my booth was for Earth Day, I was stationed next to a man making balloon animals for the kiddies- he was also handing out anti-war stickers and telling horror stories about Korea and chemical warfare. The looks of horror on the parents' faces were priceless.

Swampette said...

Oh, man, I haven't seen anyone "testifying" in a long time. Growing up in church, that used to be par for the course during 1)slow hymns 2)prayers for someone's mother and 3)Easter. I think during Easter the testifying arm is sort of a makeshift palm branch.


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