Monday, February 07, 2005

Spam Scam

Has anyone else ever been taken in by one of those spams that read "Hey, girl!" in the subject line and it's from a name that you recognize? So you open it, only to find about three hundred paragraphs of the digital version of hieroglyphics: Wing Dings.

Lately, I've had two favorite types of spam. First, the ones that use Christianity to promote their services: "Reduce your debt the Christian way." What exactly is the Christian way of reducing debt? Prayer? The Italian way, I can understand. I believe it involves the chopping off of fingers or something equally valuable.

The other ingenious Spam involves a "Delivery Notification for order #47563829". If you order things online, like I do, and you've gotten this email before you might've also clicked it and been burned. I'm pissed at those ingenious bastards who've found a way to slip this crap into my inbox. Damn them!

By the way, the Superbowl is immensely more enjoyable with TiVo. I highly recommend. Look later on this month for a list of my favorite things. Like Oprah, I will be listing a random bunch of items that I love. Unlike Oprah, you will not be getting one of each of these for adoring me. Your adoration doesn't pay me nearly enough for that.


Swampy said...

Everyone knows the Christian way of getting out of debt: start a war with the Muslims or the Japs.

Swampy said...

See the joy of two people sharing a sign-on name? You get to guess which one of us commented! Oh, the fun never stops in blogland!


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