Thursday, January 13, 2011

Always in My Hoosier Heart

I saw this video today and it's not been up long, but causing a minor ruckus among Big Ten fans. It's an IU tribute to great Hoosier basketball and the promise of a new day. And I know there are many, many people who have chalked IU basketball up to being no longer relevant, but weren't the same pundits saying that 20 years ago about Duke? There is a natural ebb and flow to all sports and flow has admittedly been away from the direction of Bloomington for a while, but it'll come back.

And I have confidence that it will.Why? Blind trust? Stupidity? Being a fan? Probably all of the above. But with that, also comes a rationalization that Tom Creen is a good coach. Probably the right coach for Indiana at a very bad time in the program's history. Time, some wins and support will bring the team back.

In the mean time, I like watching the video below if only for a few things:
1) It makes me remember a time when I didn't think Isiah Thomas wasn't using his hands to grab inappropriate things, but using them to grab rebounds.
2) I love seeing the short shorts and tall socks. Awesome combination.
3) Calbert Cheaney. He was the hero in my hometown and remains so in my heart. Stay Classy, Evansville!
4) Bobby Knight. It's like seeing the really hot, yet slightly crazy, ex that you dated in high school and remembering the good times.
5) It doesn't matter where I'm at, I'm always going to be a Hoosier. And that's a good thing.

So GO IU!!

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