Saturday, January 15, 2011

Made a New Friend, Reconnected with an Old One

Today was a good social day for me. Since I moved to LA, I haven't been too social outside of my job interviews and Facebook. But today as I was finishing up my work out in the apartment complex gym, a guy walked in. I had seen him in the gym a few times and he always gave me a friendly smile.

Well, today I was alone in the gym watching the UT-Vandy basketball game when he came in. "You can change the channel, if you'd like," I said. "It's not a very good game."

That was enough for him to go "You like sports?". And thus began the conversation. Josh and his girlfriend just moved to LA from Atlanta. We talked about his work, our paths to LA and our significant others. It was a good time, and nice to have met someone else who was new. They just moved in the week before we did.

And so you know, there was a purely platonic vibe in our exchange. The love of sports thing has always made being friends with guys an easier task than meeting girl friends.

The other thing I did today was meet up with a friend from high school. It was a lunch get-together and I went to her place in Pasadena. If you've ever reconnected with someone after more than a decade of not seeing them, you know this can be hit or miss. You can either realize that you really didn't have anything in common but proximity or that you actually do.

Luckily, I realized that we're actually more alike that I realized even back then. And she was just as nice and gracious as I remembered. I think we'll probably hang out again in the future, and am thankful for even just a lunch with someone who isn't my long-time love, a cat or potentially hiring me. I look forward to having another one or two catch up sessions with some other Hoosier ex-pats.

All in all, not a bad day.

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Lori Anne Parker, Ph.D. said...

Yay to making friends and reconnecting with old ones!


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