Sunday, January 23, 2011

Only Six Shopping Days Left Until My Birthday

Just a friendly reminder and an opportunity to figure out what you're going to get me. Emails, phone calls, and Facebook posts are recommended.

Unless your name is Chef. Okay, your nickname is Chef. Then I know you've already taken care of it, because I started musing on a list of things I wanted to do a few weeks ago and you're a smart and loving man who likes lists.

So, in my state of mind a few weeks ago, I decided to make this an awesome birthday. Last year was an awesome one too, and I realized that it was the little things that made the day great. Like going to any store that I wanted to. Eating all of my favorite things. Spending the day off of work and with Chef.

This year's birthday will be nice and my list got so long that we decided to expand the celebration to Friday AND Saturday (my actual birthday). I will NOT be counting calories on either day (sorry, Wrye Family Challengers--I promise not to go too overboard). Here are my some things on my list right now:
  • Seeing a sunrise or sunset on the beach
  • Having donuts and coffee
  • Eating dinner at Ruth's Chris (Thanks, Dad and Robin, for making this one happen as our Christmas gift)
  • Pizza from either The Good Pizza in Culver City or Deano's Gourmet Pizza at the Hollywood Farmer's Market
  • A massage (Chef already got me this one! Just got to make the appointment)
  • A trip to Sephora to use a gift certificate that I got for Christmas
  • Flowers
  • A trip to a great independent bookstore
  • A cupcake from The Frosted Cupcakery (that's a picture from their website below)
  • A drink at the Library Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel
  • To not have to clean litterboxes
  • Take the subway somewhere--although I may relent and just scratch this one
Does anyone have any suggestions? I think it's looking pretty good to me. Since Oprah, Tom Selleck, Heather Graham, Greg Louganis, William McKinley and I share a birthday, I think it would be a good idea for us all to get together for dinner. Of course, McKinley might be pissed he was assasinated, but he'd be good company.

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