Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Think I'm Over the Hump on the Diet thing. . .maybe

Can you sense the confidence I have in myself? Today, I stepped on the scale, as I am apt to do about three times a week, and was down again. All in all, it makes 9 pounds since I got to California. Not too shabby considering I just REALLY started concentrating on the weight thing 3 weeks ago (down 4 pounds since then).

There's always that time period at the beginning of dieting (or as Chef reminds me "lifestyle changing") when you crave nearly everything in sight. For me it was alcohol and sugar. Which is virtually the same thing, when you really look at it. One just gives you a different kind of high than the other.

So, week one of the family challenge (did I mention that I'm in this with a bunch of awesome family members who are helping keep me motivated?), and I didn't lose any weight. As anyone whose ever dieted, ehm made a lifestyle change, can tell you, that first week holds a lot of momentum in it. It's the hardest to change because your old habits are just a day or two behind you. The bottle of wine you opened on Saturday or the cupcakes you made on Friday are now verboten. But the memory of icing is still lingering in the back of your throat.

So, you struggle through and are proud, but then the scale says nothing. nada. zip. zelch. zero. No change. How can there be NO CHANGE when you made all the changes? It just seems like a cruel joke and leads to depression. And depression for me leads to cupcakes. Or bread. Or wine. Or French fries. Or all of the above.

But you decide to give it one more week.

And then you see some results. You work out a little more. You eat a little less. It makes you feel better.

For me, the real hump is when I start to crave or let's be honest, just enjoy for a change, the "diet" foods. That means I actually make a point of cooking and eating veggies--brussel sprouts, green beans, romaine salads, broccoli, etc. Between that and the fact that our house is fully stocked with a healthy option to nearly any craving, I think I'm good to go. At least for this week!

One thing I'm very happy about is that I genuinely like exercising. It's not a chore. It's a habit and I feel so much better when I do it. And I know it.

9 pounds down. Another 30 in my crosshairs (that wasn't a Palin reference...or was it?).

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