Monday, January 24, 2011

Maybe LA is rubbing off on me....or maybe it's just a product of comfort

The last couple of weeks as I've been strolling around the city in my kicks, I've noticed a few things. I tend to wear my normal shoes out in public. By normal, I mean my usual heels and boots. Three inch heels in the supermarket--no big deal to me.

Normally, I would wear them because I have plantar fasciitis and the stretched position of the foot feels better than flats.v Plus there's the fact that I'm 5'2" in reality and 5'5" in my head.

But in the true sense of LA, I've come to realize that my heels are good for the workplace, but a little out of place for my daily errands. So in an effort of comfort, I decided to get a pair of casual flats. Shocking, I know. Flip-flops made me feel like too much of a tourist, so I branched out to a pair of Tom's shoes. I'm a sucker for cause marketing and the shoes looked comfortable. They very much are. But while waiting for the first pair to come in the mail, I got impatient and bought a different pair. Also wonderfully comfortable. It made me wonder--if you take back a pair of Tom's shoes, do they strip the pair they gave to a child with your purchase off the kid's feet?

And today after my interview, I stopped by Off Broadway to checkout their clearance shoes. These cute Chucks were less than $20. I couldn't resist. Now I think I'm stocked up on cute casual flats. The last thing I would like is a dressy pair of red flats.

But all in all, I think I'm good for shoes. Bet you never thought those words would be uttered by me.

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