Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Birthday in Pictures

I made a list. Chef checked it twice and it turns out I must've been pretty nice this year because I had an awesome birthday(s). Here are my highlights in picture form:

Going to Book Soup. A great independent book store that had three books I couldn't resist.

Waiting for our pizza at Deano's at the Farmer's Market.

The white pizza. It was frickin' delicious.

Deano's pepperoni pizza--still good but not as delicious.

My cupcake-gasm from the Frosted Cupcakery.

The spoils of my hunt at Sephora. Love the complimentary birthday cake shower gel.

My grandma saw my list and stepped in for some birthday flowers. Beautiful! She's awesome.

Outside the Library Bar at the Hotel Roosevelt on Hollywood Blvd.

My birthday sunrise walk on the beach. Moments later, Chef officially asked me to marry him.
I said yes...again (long story-we're unconventional).

More of the Santa Monica morning walk.

My robe and slippers for the 90 minute massage that Chef got for me. HEAVEN!

Dinner at Ruth's Chris. Can you see the butter gleaming off that steak??

One of gifts from Chef--my own and FIRST jersey. Go Colts!

Genghis liked the jersey too.

Here I am pondering whether or not to watch the Pro Bowl
because then I could wear my jersey.

Does it look like a great couple of day? CAUSE IS WAS!!

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Nicole said...

You are a lucky girl!


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