Sunday, January 02, 2011

The World Has Come To An End

Today was the weirdest day in my shopping life. I went into Target and came out with NOTHING. That's right. . .nothing. It was the first time in my life that I went in with a list and left empty-handed. Mostly because the shelves were bare.

Perhaps it was my fault. Perhaps I thought too highly of Target and their ability to actually stock their shelves. The place was really missing a lot of stuff. Chef and I went in for a few things: 1) a level, 2) swiss cheese slices, 3) provolone cheese slices, 4) an iPhone arm band for jogging.

Went to the Electronics section. No armband for an iPhone. Just an iPod. Not big enough.

Went to the Hardware section. No levels. No tape measures. Just some drills and drill bits.

Went to the grocery section. No swiss or provolone cheese slices. Just cheddar cheese slices and rows and rows of Muenster. How much Muenster does a store need to stock?

Having struck out, we went to Ralph's. Ralph's is really Kroger. Chef corrects me every time I call it Kroger, and I get pissed. Kroger OWNS Ralph's and I spent more than the last decade going to Kroger, so I feel like if I want to call it Kroger between the two of us, I should be able to without remark.

Names aside, it was hard to believe and a little disappointing that the store I love didn't love me back this Sunday night.

Oh well. At least the Colts got into the play offs.

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