Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Damn you, Matt Damon

I still heart Matt Damon. Even more than a decade after my borderline psychotic passion of him, I still have a special place in my heart for him. I'm not nearly as psychotic. I don't insist on going to all of his movies on the day they open, or even going to all of his movies (there were a few that I think I was the only one there for-- All the Pretty Horses, anyone?). With the exception of some voiceover work, I've seen all his movies and most of his TV appearances.

Last night I watched The Adjustment Bureau. And for the first time I cursed Matt Damon a little in my head. It was kinda billed as The Matrix meets Last of the Mohicans or at least that was my take on the marketing campaign. The fact that the movie went from billboards to movie shelf so quickly should've told me something (and honestly it did), but I'm still a sucker.

There are more holes in this weird ass plot line than in Roger Clemen's grand jury testimony. I don't really believe the chemistry between his character and Emily Blunt's. For the record, I also don't believe in her chemistry with John Krasinski, but that could just be me. It's just kind of a boring mess of a movie. I wouldn't waste your time. Even if you are currently in the throws of a Matt Damon obsession. Just watch Good Will Hunting again. Or his stint on 30 Rock (thank you AGAIN, Tina Fey).

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Nicole said...

Yeah... I was not thrilled with A.B. Saw it at the theater and was like.. "Hmmm..."


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