Saturday, July 09, 2011

What a Great Week

So this entire week has pretty much been heavenly. The July 4th holiday which included a nicely cooked slab of red meat, a short work "week" of a day, then Wednesday. My dad flew in for our nuptials on Tuesday and we planned to meet up on Wednesday. While most fathers and daughters have a dance (which I'm sure we'll still have at our reception next year), my dad and I got a father-daughter baseball game. Frankly, the baseball game seemed more "us."

We watched the Angels and the Tigers at an afternoon game that was only about 1/2 full. I was a little hesitant of the seats that I'd bought on stub hub, but as it turned out, we were in the row closest to the field that had shade. It was a highly sought after row. Plus it meant that neither of us roasted to death. It was a close game with a few homers and some good defense. And it was a great day to spend with my dad. After the game, we met up later with Chef too and headed to Lawry's for some prime rib. We had a nice, leisurely meal and then went our separate ways to get a good night's sleep for the wedding weekend.

I've already detailed out some of the wedding ceremony and honeymoon, so I won't rehash. I will say that the hotel was spectacular. The only bummer was that Chef and I both fell ill on Friday. It was too much of a stomach thing to not be a little bug or even some minor food poisoning. Both of us had heavy stomachs and no desire to eat which is unlike us. At one point as we were in a grocery store buying some soft drinks to take back to the room, I felt so nauseous that I had to walk super slow and not move a lot. Chef got waves of that later.

It kind of knocked us on our butt so much that we ended up taking long naps and then sleeping on and off all night. But it was nice to have the luxury to be lazy too. And if you're gonna be sick, it's not too shabby to be sick with a beautiful ocean view.

We woke up this morning both feeling better, but sad that we were going to have to pack up and leave. We took advantage of another morning of room service (there's always something luxurious about having someone bring food to your room and eating in a bathrobe with an ocean view, right?). I think we've already decided that we're heading back to the Fairmont next year for our first anniversary celebration. It was just too damn nice! So even with late check out, we are now home and back to reality. A little sad to be out of the lap of luxury ("This has ruined me for other hotels," Chef commented), but happy to be newlyweds. At least for a little while longer.

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