Thursday, July 21, 2011

When Good Shows Go Bad

If only TV shows were like food and started to smell when they went bad. But no, instead the keep cranking out week after week of plot lines that make you wonder why you continue to waste your time and watch them. Here are my current top five that I continue to watch but each week question my own judgement:

  • The United States of Tara: Love Toni Collette, but how many seasons can get out of watching Tara's alter egos wreak havoc on her life. She was molestered (yes, I meant to misspell that) by a stepbrother who she doesn't remember. That's it? That's the big reveal? Seems like a cop out and I'm getting less interested as the seasons click on.
  • Weeds: It stopped being interesting when Nancy and gang left Agrestic. Mexican drug lords, homicide, prison life, more kids? It was better when the biggest tension, aside from getting caught, was whether Nancy was going to sleep with Conrad. Sometimes less is more. Two words on why I keep watching: Hunter Parrish.
  • Law & Order: SVU: Double now that Christopher Meloni is going to leave, but I think I've previously outlined the depths to which the writers will go to weave three story lines together. One great case of this was a season finale entitled "Zebras" where Stabler famously tells Stucky not to look for zebras when he hears hooves. The whole show's premise is now one big zebra.
  • Entourage: Last season was atrocious. Sasha Grey? Really? Drugs? I only kept watching (and will tune in this weekend) because its the last season. Sasha Grey made me miss the days of Mandy Moore and the AquaMan plot line.
  • Glee: I admit it. I was originally a Glee-tard, but lately it's hard to defend. The plot doesn't move, songs are used as plot devices but the songs are only in the episode because they're featuring a particular artist, and I've been catching some of The Glee Project on Oxygen. Ryan Murphy thinks he's a God and that just bugs me. I'm fairly certain after Brittany "graduates" I won't watch any more.
Other shows that are on notice and a few words why:
  • Trueblood: Fairies.
  • Breaking Bad: Move it along.
  • The Big C: repeatedly making bad decisions.
What shows can you not believe you still watch?

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