Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is the Carrot. Not the Stick

I've been focusing on my weight loss hardcore since the honeymoon officially came to an end. It's been calorie-counting, no mindless eating, fruits, veggies, all of that stuff. Still doing the morning exercise and trying to quit doing any fast food simply because I'm too lazy to spend the time cooking or going to the store. Not that I won't revert back, but at least I hope to maintain some semblance of order when I go to order instead of saying "Super size it" and avoiding looking at the calorie count.

Of course, it's not only fun to lose weight, but having goals makes it that much more fun. And having rewards at the end of achieving those goals is the motivation to hit them. Or at least it is to me. So, in an effort to put a literal and figurative carrot out there for my weight loss goals, here they are and my rewards for them.
  • When I lose 5 pounds from now, I will treat myself to a pedicure.
  • When I lose 10 pounds, a new bra.
  • When I am lower than I've ever been before (which is approximately 13 lbs from now), I will get a massage.
To earn the rewards, I will have to maintain the weight for at least 7 days before redeeming the reward. Chef and I are debating whether or not to do another weight loss challenge between the two of us. I'm reluctant because of a couple reasons: 1) he's a dude and loses weight faster, 2) it took me a while to pay up last time because I was bitter, and 3) I still think he totally cheated.

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