Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Valet at Villa Vicente

The good news: Our apartment complex is continually updating its appearance and amenities for residents.

The bad news: this typically means weeks of messes and inconvenience on end.

The latest case of this is the parking lot resurfacing project going on now. The parking garage is a two deck lot with gated entry. The top deck (where I park) is cheaper because it's not covered. But honestly it's California. It's not like I'm going to have to shovel snow off my car or something. Anyway, the lot is being resurfaced so it's cut down to half it's normal size. To accommodate this hazard of parking and to eliminate any parking related homicides that might occur, the complex provides a valet service.

The valet service parks the car for us and gets it when its time to go--free of charge, of course. They're on site 24 hours a day and the complex even sprung to have extra valets during the peak periods. The pain is that I have to wait. I'm not big on waiting. They ask me every day when I get home if I'm going to be leaving again that night. I don't know that. I barely know what I'm having for dinner let alone if I might want to leave again.

It also added about 7 minutes on to my door to door time this morning. Extra time to walk a new route to the valet station that required me passing my own car to get to the station where the keys were and then waiting while the valet walked the route back to my car. My mornings are hectic enough as it is, and my commute time doesn't need any help getting longer.

I lived for so long in an apartment complex that never did any upgrades that this is abnormal. Or maybe I'm just a spoiled brat.

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