Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Six Pence...None the Richer?

I got a package from my Grandma the other day (which I have yet to properly thank her for, but will at least publicly thank her for now) of a card with a sixpence in it. Why a sixpence? Because the complete old saying goes:
Something old,
something new
something borrowed
something blue
with a sixpence in your shoe

And what's even cooler is that sixpences weren't made after about 1970, so it's rare. I think it's super cool that she sent it to me and am excited to put it in my shoe for luck tomorrow. While we aren't doing a lot of traditional wedding things, I'm happy to be able to do that one.

And also in preparation for the day, my dad came in. We had a great day today and instead of just having a father daughter dance, we had a father-daughter baseball game. It seemed very appropriate for us. We drove down to Anaheim and saw the Angels play the Tigers. We had good tickets that were perfectly under the shade and saw a few homers, a few good double plays and had a good tie. Mostly it was just nice to relax and talk for a few hours. And neither of us had been to a game in a while. It was a dream for me to play hooky and watch an afternoon game. Loved it.

Now I'm prepping for dinner at Lawry's (yummy prime rib) and then a good night sleep for our civil ceremony at 10 a.m tomorrow. I'm not nervous about being married, but I have to admit the whole idea of a ceremony kind of freaks me out. I was nervous enough about messing up just getting the marriage license. I'm sure it'll be fine. I only have one line to remember.

But I'll have to say it with a coin in my shoe :).

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