Saturday, July 30, 2011

You Always Want What You Can't Have

For me, it's good deep dish pizza. Or even just good pizza. And nothing fancy. Although Greek pizzas have been a favorite as of late, I'd totally just take a great slice of pepperoni. Doughy crust, but not too doughy. Nothing cheese-filled or with garlic and herbs baked in. Just a good slice of Pepperoni pizza. One where the Pepperoni is crisp at the edges and the cheese has some nice brown bubbles.

But that's something that I can't have. Mostly for two reasons: 1) I'm still watching what I eat and trying to avoid no-no food as much as possible. More than seven pounds in three weeks is a good start. I think another week and I'll be in a different second number which makes me happy. It's been a mental hurdle since I've been in LA for some reason. And while I indulged in a burger yesterday I also went back into th
e gym and put more time in to compensate. 2) I still have yet to find what I'd consider to be good pizza in LA. We've kind of given up trying lately. One because we're both dieting and two because we faced lots of disappointment. If we're gonna splurge on calories, we've been veering towards the safe bets.

Speaking of us dieting, I've got to give a shout out to Chef. He's lost
about 40 pounds since we've moved to LA. Yes. That's 40. Like four zero. He's looking super hot. Even more than usual.

But I digress. If anyone knows of a great pizza place in southern California, please let us know. At this point, I'm even willing to travel to get a slice of heaven. If you need a reference point, I love Jet's pizza. Especially the deep dish kind. I'd probably kill someone for a slice of that. Okay, maybe not kill, but seriously injure. The pictures should also help. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Yelp hasn't done us very well so far.

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